Fun, Funky and Fifties!

Fun, Funky and Fifties!
Todd and Jillian's Wedding 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What to Wear to the Wedding??

The wedding is going to be decorated in a 1950's Retro style. If you are not feeling playful then wearing something semi-casual would be appropriate. However, if you are feeling funky and FUN then we have some examples below of the attire for this delightful 1950's wedding soiree.

...And for the ladies we have...

...And of coarse the Gentlemen...

And if you are feeling really daring...

Singing is advised if you choose this attire!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Make Reservations ASAP!!!!

Don't forget to make your reservations!! I know that the wedding is still several months away, but if you are planning to stay at the hotel this is the time when they start filling up. We still have the rooms in the main part of the hotel reserved and we would LOVE to fill it with people we know. Then if we want to be semi-loud and party into the night there won't be other guests to discourage our good time. So quick, join in on the fun and reserve your space today. If you are planning to stay elsewhere you might also want to start thinking about making those reservations because Oakhurst and Bass Lake are popular summer destinations that get reserved early.

We have made links on the side bar of this site to some of the cool places to stay in the area. Just click on one you are interested in and check it out.

Can't wait to see everyone in June,
Jill and Todd

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Wedding Location and Hotel Information

This is the rustic little place where we will be getting married. It is a converted ranch house that was first established in 1875 and has since worn many hats before becoming a hotel and restaurant. There are only 24 rooms in the hotel so those of you interested in staying here should make your reservations ASAP by clicking on the link provided in the side bar. If you are not sure if rustic is your style then there are other hotels only a few miles away. In my opinion I would check out Tenaya Lodge, or Ducey's on Bass Lake. However, we will be staying at the Sierra Sky Ranch so if you wouldn't mind the rustic feel of the place then please join us there!

Here are all of our save the date postcards. We couldn't send all of them to each of you so at least you can see them on here.