Fun, Funky and Fifties!

Fun, Funky and Fifties!
Todd and Jillian's Wedding 2010

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Wedding Location and Hotel Information

This is the rustic little place where we will be getting married. It is a converted ranch house that was first established in 1875 and has since worn many hats before becoming a hotel and restaurant. There are only 24 rooms in the hotel so those of you interested in staying here should make your reservations ASAP by clicking on the link provided in the side bar. If you are not sure if rustic is your style then there are other hotels only a few miles away. In my opinion I would check out Tenaya Lodge, or Ducey's on Bass Lake. However, we will be staying at the Sierra Sky Ranch so if you wouldn't mind the rustic feel of the place then please join us there!

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